Registration for our meditation courses is done only by e-mail, at
The following information is necessary:

  • first name
  • family name / surname
  • gender
  • age
  • country of birth
  • country where you live (country of residence)
  • place from where you are coming
  • mobile phone number (or landline)
  • are you a beginner? (beginners have never taken a Vipassana meditation course before)

Courses during pandemic

We usually organize 9-day courses for beginners. Advanced students are welcome too.

But given the current conditions, for beginners we are organizing a series of courses with a limited number of places, lasting 4 days, respecting all the conditions imposed by the authorities.

Because Vipassana cannot be learned in such a short time, at the first course, only Anapana and Addhithana are practiced. Only at the second course, Vipassana is practiced. The courses must be followed in this order – Anapana, and only then Vipassana.

We hope this format will also help those participants who cannot afford to be absent from work for long periods.

Next course

15 October – 20 October 2021 new & advanced students retreat

The meeting with all participants will be on the first day of the course shown above, until 11:30am in Brad, in the parking near the Central Bus Station.

* Short, 3-5 day courses for advanced students, have a more intense meditation schedule and only students who have taken part in at least one 10-day course at our Center, who have meditated consistently in the last year, and who have not practiced other types of meditation, are accepted.

Travel directions

If you come by train, get off at Deva. When you leave the train station at Deva, 100 meters on the left-hand side is the bus station. Take the 10.30 bus to Brad. The trip takes about 50 minutes. Get out at Brad’s Central Bus Station. We will wait for you on the bus to redirect you to the Dumbrava de Jos bus. From Dumbrava you will walk to the Center, but we will transport your luggage to the Center.

If you arrive earlier, you will meet us in the parking near the Bus Station.

On the last day, the course ends in the morning, around 8:30am. You can leave immediately – there is a bus leaving from Dumbrava de Jos towards Brad at 12:15am.

Please save our contact phone number: +40 729 087791.

Please make sure you bring your ID with you. It is MANDATORY.

On arrival at the meditation center, you will hand over your mobile phone to the organizers and it will be returned on the last day. This condition is necessary merely to help you meditate!

People with psychological or neurological problems are not admitted to courses!