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Vipassana means looking inward, it means seeing things as they are in reality, it is the art of living. It is a process of personal purification by inward observation.  At the beginning you observe your own natural breathing so as to discipline your attention. Thanks to your very sharp attention you can then begin observing the changing nature of our whole existence, of universal truths: impermanence, suffering and attachments. It is exactly this becoming conscious through your own direct experience which constitutes the purification process. It is a universal remedy for universal problems and does not represent a religion or a sect. Every one can practice freely, regardless of race, religion, gender or political leaning, anywhere and at any time, and its result proves beneficial for all.


What is Vipassana meditation?

It is an art of living which allows you to have a positive role in your family and in society.

It is a method of mental purification which allows you to face all of life’s problems and stresses in a calm and well-balanced way.

It a process of elevating your spirit.

It is a manifestation of Nature and of the Universe.

Its purpose is eliminating suffering.


What is not Vipassana meditation?

It is not a man-made technique.

It is not a ritual based on blind faith.

It is neither intellectual nor philosophical entertainment.

It is neither a wellness retreat, nor a holiday camp, nor a club for getting together.

It is not a way of running away from life’s problems.

It is not a way of receiving material support (food, accommodation).


Vipassana meditation allows you to reach the highest goal: enlightenment and total liberation. Its purpose is not to cure physical illness, but a by-product of purifying your mind is that many psychosomatic diseases are cured. In fact, Vipassana removes the three causes of our suffering: desire, ignorance and aversion. Through consistent practice, meditation releases the tensions accumulated in daily life and undoes the ‘knots” created by our habit of reacting excessively to agreeable or disagreeable situations. Vipassana practice has nothing to do with religion or politics. It works based on the principle that everyone has the same problems and so the process by which these problems are eliminated also must be universal.

People belonging to all religions have been able to experience the benefits of the Vipassana meditation without ever being in conflict with their faith.

Of course, the task of inner purification through introspection is never easy. Through your own effort, you, the student, can reach your own personal realization, no one can work for you. For this reason, meditation will benefit only those who work sincerely, seriously and who respect its discipline, all of this having the singular purpose of helping and protecting them. Discipline is an integral part of the meditation practice.

It is true that ten days are too short a time frame to reach the deepest layers of our subconscious and to learn how to eliminate deeply-rooted complexes. Continuity of your practice is the secret to succeeding in this type of meditation. Its discipline has been established for practical reasons. It is based on practical experience, gained over the years from thousands of students, and simultaneously being scientific and rational. Respecting this discipline creates a favorable environment for meditation, disobeying it disturbs meditation.

You, the student, must remain here at the course site for the duration of those ten days. Only those who feel truly prepared to respect this rigorous discipline will apply for a course.

Those who are not ready to make a sincere effort will just be wasting their time and, even worse, will bother those who want to work seriously. Anyone intending to take part in a course must realize that it would be dangerous and embarrassing to leave before the end if they think that this discipline is too hard to respect. Likewise, it would be regrettable for someone to be asked to leave if, after repeated warning, they did not respect our recommendations.

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